File manager


The relatively xuất hiện nature of android allows users lớn browse through their device’s tệp tin structure and perform tệp tin and thư mục operations without needing a computer. Thus, a tệp tin manager or file explorer, whatever you want to gọi it, is a very useful tool for anyone who uses an android phone or tablet for productivity.

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Most manufacturers ship their android phones & tablets with a built-in file manager but often, it’s a simple & barebones application. Fortunately, the Google Play store is flooded with tệp tin managers, although not all of them are good. So we’ve selected some of the best tệp tin managers that are available for Android. But before we start, let’s first talk a little bit about file managers and what you can bởi with them exactly.

What is a file Manager?

File Manager is a program that allows you to lớn manage files và folders on your device. Tệp tin Explorer (previously known as Windows Explorer) on PC và Finder on Mac are two of the most notable tệp tin managers. With file managers, you can create, rename, copy, move, delete, and tìm kiếm for files và folders.

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These applications also allow you to lớn modify tệp tin attributes và properties. Modern tệp tin managers not only manage local files but can also be connected khổng lồ cloud storage services. So you can manage files và folders on services lượt thích Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Some file managers can also connect lớn servers using protocols such as FTP, sFTP, WebDAV, & SMB. All in all, tệp tin managers can be very useful for you.


‘Files by Google’ has come a long way since its modest beginnings in 2017. It’s now a full-fledged tệp tin manager with some useful extras. You can manage files and folders, both by diving into the internal storage or by navigating through the content categories. The most used file management basics are present, but you won’t get things like the ability to lớn compress files.

In terms of extras, the ‘Files by Google’ ứng dụng includes a Safe Folder, where you can store your sensitive files, and it can be locked using a sạc or pattern. Additionally, the phầm mềm helps you clean your phone’s contents by suggesting things lớn delete. This is one of the features present since day one of the app. It also allows tệp tin sharing without an internet connection to lớn other Android và Chrome OS users in the vicinity who also have the Files phầm mềm installed. Overall, it is one of the simplest và easy-to-use file managers around.