Days of the week worksheets


Pre-school and kindergarten-aged children love learning about the days of the week. It is so rewarding for them lớn know what thedays are (and in order!), khổng lồ point them out on calendars, and be able to lớn tell everyone what day it is! Below, we have a whole bunch of không tính tiền printables–50 khổng lồ be exact–to help you teach your child(ren) or your class all about the days of the week. There are two different learning methods we’ve used:

1. The first type of printable includes days of the week worksheets and activity sheets. These are the kind of learningactivities that children vì at their table or desk. Whether it’s coloring, matching, filling in the blanks, or cutting and pasting, each activity or worksheet is hands-on & interactive–a sure way lớn keep them engaged. Each one helps them learn the days of the week, and some of them go a little bit further by teaching them concepts like “today”, “yesterday”, “tomorrow”, etc.

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2. The second type of printable available below are signs và interactive displays that you would put around your classroom, or schoolroom if you are homeschooling. You could simply cut them out and put them around the room or on a board, or you could use them as part of a morning routine và have the children recite what the day is, what yesterday was, and what tomorrow will be. These can also be helpful as children are learning lớn write the date, in case they still need help with spelling the days of the week.

All you need to vày now is select which printable(s) below will work best for you, click on the image, tải về the printable PDF file to your computer, & print! It really is just that easy!

Whether you choose lớn use one teaching method/printable type or the other (or both!) we know that these days of the week printables will be an excellent tool for helping children learn all about Sundays and Saturdays và all the days in between!

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Helpful Supplies

Here are a few helpful supplies we’ve found when using these worksheets & printables:

Laminator – A good laminator is perfect for the printables meant for your homeschooling or classroom walls.

Lamination sheets – Replacement sheets for your laminator.

Cardstock – Our favorite cardstock! Perfect for the printables that over up on walls (after laminating) so they last even longer!

Paper – Affordable and good-quality paper!

Paper cutter – Perfect for straight cuts without breaking the ngân hàng or needing a massive paper cutter that isn’t portable!

Scissors – Our favorite pair of scissors. Perfect for any form size or cut!

Velcro Dots – Velcro dots perfect for decorating your walls or classroom.

Disc Magnets – Another great option for adhering days of the week printables where needed.

The link above are tiếp thị liên kết links. This simply means we get a small amount of money if you buy them on Amazon. These are purely optional và provided lớn help. Whether you need supplies or not, we hope you enjoy the không lấy phí printables below. No strings attached!

Days of the Week Worksheets

Use the worksheets & activities below lớn teach your children or students about the days of the week và other related concepts. All of the pages are free. Pages with a yellow background are just to display multi-page downloads. The downloads themselves bởi not have a yellow background.