Ryan gosling on life with eva mendes and their kids esmeralda and amada


The private Hollywood star"s home video reveals personal treasures và one is remarkably similar lớn Duchess Meghan"s


Eva briefly displayed her kids artwork & never-before-seen necklace

Eva"s necklace would have remained hidden close khổng lồ her chest had she not momentarily swung it about for eagle-eyed fans lớn spot. The three, heavy-looking statement rings could be a sentimental representation of her family: Ryan, Esmeralda, and Amada.

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Following Archie"s birth Meghan added a second birthday coin lớn her necklaces

The trend for celebrity và royal moms of wearing sentimental pendants, one for their partner và each of their children, is not uncommon.

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Meghan Markle has been seen wearing a collection of Vanessa "Coin Zodiac Charm" coins by the brand Suetables around her neck on multiple occasions, with each one representing the star signs and birth dates of her children, Taurus for Archie và Gemini for Lilibet, as well as Virgo for her husband Prince Harry.

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Eva, 48, and Ryan, 42, love to keep mementos of their family around, including their children"s artwork, although they admit khổng lồ being a little "controlling."

Chatting with Insider Eva confessed: "We"re very controlling. I think what the term is — we"re always laughing at these terms — I think we would be "bulldozing parents"


Eva"s fun home office displays her kids artwork

"The stakes are really high so yeah, I"m a helicopter parent. Và then I heard the bulldozing and I"m like, "Oh, yeah, I"m probably a bulldozing parent too.""

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However busy Eva may be as a "helicopter parent", she still had time khổng lồ look fantastic in her video, leaving her 3.7 million strong Instagram followers gushing: "Eva is always slaying with her dresses."

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