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Fairy Tail: The 11 Most Powerful long Slayers, Ranked Fairy Tail is filled with powerful rồng Slayers but which of the group can be considered the most powerful of all?

In the anime and manga series Fairy Tail, long Slayer Magic, và the long Slayers themselves are generally attributed khổng lồ being some of the most powerful characters. It has shaped many Mages into overwhelmingly powerful individuals, able khổng lồ perform feats that other characters simply could not.

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Most have achieved long Force at one point. It"s the final state a long slayer can reach, giving them power nguồn comparable to a real dragon. While there are 4 generations of Slayers, thanks to lớn the Dragon Cry movie, each is formidable in their own right. So, which long Slayers reign supreme?

Updated July 23rd, 2021 By Anthony Mazzuca: Dragonslayers are an intricate part of Fairy Tail & have always been some of its strongest fighters. It"s why the ending battle of the anime was between all ten of them, giving the viewers a chance lớn see who stood at the đứng top of the heap. With a focus on the anime, it"s time lớn revisit who would be the strongest of the slayers.

Quartum_Army Fairy Tail Dragon's Cry
Dragon"s Cry was an interesting movie, introducing the country of Stella & its king, Animus. Animus was a cool addition since he was actually a dragon, và Zash Caine worked well as a mustache-twirling villain.

What didn"t work were Zash"s creations, the Quartum Army. They were dubbed as the fourth generation of rồng Slayers và felt lượt thích anything other than that. They were essentially a power nguồn Rangers putty army, only there khổng lồ get dispatched by Fairy Tail. It was a dumb addition when Animus had his three generals vày the heavy lifting in the movie anyway.

Formerly known as Cobra from his time in the Dark Guild Oración Seis, Erik is a bit of an enigma. The full extent of his power is difficult lớn gauge, considering most of his major fights occurred in earlier story arcs of the Fairy Tail series.

However, what we did see of the 2nd generation Poison long Slayer is that he was able to lớn fight on relatively even ground with both Erza và Natsu. The effects of his poison can be deadly, and "his Magic allows him khổng lồ hear the voices of others" hearts." His keen hearing is a bit of a double-edged sword as loud noises lượt thích Natsu"s screams can disrupt him greatly.

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One of Sabertooth"s five strongest mages, Rogue is the Shadow rồng Slayer. Raised và taught dragon Slayer Magic by the rồng Skiadrum, Rogue also had a rồng Lacrima implanted into his body, making him a 3rd generation long Slayer.

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He"s able to lớn use Shadow Drive, activate his long Force at will, và can also combine his powers with guildmate & fellow long Slayer Sting in order to lớn perform Unison Raid: Holy Shadow Dragon"s Flash Fang. During the Alvarez Empire arc, Rogue is even able khổng lồ defeat the Historia of Bloodman, one of the Spriggan 12.

8 Sting Eucliffe Is The Guild Master Of Sabertooth & Defeated One Of The Strongest Members Of The Spriggan 12

Sting is Rogue"s counterpart & the Guild Master of Sabertooth, the White dragon Slayer. Similarly, he was raised by Weisslogia and implanted with long Lacrima, so he is a 3rd generation rồng Slayer as well. This powerful long Slayer was able to seriously injure the previous guild master, Jiemma, when it appeared that he killed Sting"s Exceed partner Lector.

After becoming allies & friends with the Fairy Tail guild, Sabertooth assists during the Alvarez Empire arc. Sting helped defeat the immensely powerful Larcade, who was the third strongest thành viên of the Spriggan 12.

The youngest of the long Slayers, Wendy has grown and improved her skills massively since her introduction into the series. She was raised & taught Sky dragon Slayer Magic by Grandeeney 400 years ago, then sent khổng lồ the year 777 in order to defeat the monstrous enemy Acnologia.

While she does not enjoy fighting, she is incredibly skilled for her age. Not only is she experienced in healing magic, but she is also an Enchanter. It allows her to lớn attach her Magic Power to someone or something (including herself) to lớn boost their natural parameters. Wendy"s aptitude for enchantments is exceptionally great, with her being able lớn cast enchantments far beyond her years. Not khổng lồ mention, during the Alvarez Empire arc, she was able to lớn enter dragon Force at will. She is one tough cookie.

6 Gajeel Redfox"s Iron Shadow dragon Mode Helps mix Him Apart

The former Phantom Lord bad boy, Gajeel is the Iron rồng Slayer, raised and taught by Metallicana. According to his former guild, he held the rank of S-Class Mage. His rồng Force is nothing to laugh at, và his appearance in Iron Shadow rồng Mode is truly menacing.

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This hard ass has had some pretty iconic moments throughout the series, from beating Rogue during the Grand Magic Games Arc to Torafuzar during the Tartoras Arc and Bloodman during the Alvarez Empire Arc. Willing khổng lồ die for his comrades, Gajeel is a long Slayer to lớn be feared by any enemy.

Talk about a redemption story! When the 2nd generation Lightning rồng Slayer is first introduced, he"s a bit problematic. The S-Class Mage wages war against Fairy Tail, believing the members to lớn be weak. After his defeat, Laxus gets temporarily excommunicated from the guild.

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During the Tenrou Island Arc, Laxus returns khổng lồ help his guildmates defeat Hades, much to everyone"s surprise. Ashamed of his past actions, his attitude regarding Fairy Tail shifted to one of pride & love. During the Grand Magic Games, Laxus fought alongside his guildmates, defeating all 5 of Raven Tail"s members, including his corrupted father. He even managed to take down one of the Wizard Saints, Jura.

4 God Serena Never Got khổng lồ Show Off The Full Depth Of His Capabilities Due to lớn Acnologia

Formerly ranked first of the Ten Wizard Saints, God Serena was "the strongest Mage on the entire continent." He was known as Eight-Dragon God Serena due to lớn his numerous dragon Slaying Magic Lacrimas implanted into his body. Though all are not known, he has been seen using Lightning, Cavern, Purgatory, Sea King, và Gale long Slaying Magic.

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During the Alvarez Empire Arc, as he and other Spriggan 12 members made their way khổng lồ Magnolia, he casually destroyed the country of Bosco. He then made quick work of the Ishgar defenses. Sadly, he never got to lớn be fully developed as his purpose was more to prop up Acnologia upon the dragon"s arrival to the battle.

While the extent of her Magic is relatively unknown, Irene Belserion, also known as the Scarlet Despair, was the creator of long Slayer Magic. Able to transform into a rồng herself, she is regarded as the Queen of Dragons.

She was the strongest woman of the Spriggan 12, indebted khổng lồ Zeref for changing her from dragon lớn human form, unable to bởi so herself. In her fight against Acnologia, she earns his praise và deems her a worthy challenge, no small feat. The fact that she fought Acnologia on even footing and was not defeated is proof of her monumental capabilities.

2 Natsu Dragneel Can Combine His Flames With Other rồng Slayer Magic & Achieved Fire long King Mode

The main protagonist of the Fairy Tail series, Natsu is the Fire rồng Slayer, raised và taught by Igneel, the Fire dragon King himself. Unbeknownst lớn him for the majority of the series, he is the younger brother of Zeref, who died 400 years ago, revived by his brother as the demon E.N.D.

Usually exuberant và silly, Natsu has always cared deeply about his guildmates, feeling that they are his family. If someone hurts the people he loves, they will have to lớn pay, as shown with Jellal, Zero, Hades, Future Rogue, etc. He can combine his Fire dragon Slayer Magic with various others, able lớn use Lightning Fire, đen Fire, & Fire dragon King Modes. When Natsu activates the Fire dragon King Mode, Natsu"s power nguồn becomes immeasurable. Needless to lớn say, Natsu is an indomitable force to be reckoned with.

Acnologia was one of the greatest enemies throughout the Fairy Tail series. Able lớn freely change between his dragon and human bodies, he had a frightening amount of Magic power. A violent, war-loving, & altogether ruthless individual, Zeref stated that he had the power khổng lồ rule the world but chose not to.

From destroying Tenrou Island, along with most of Fairy Tail"s strongest Mages, khổng lồ killing the Fire long King Igneel và eliminating God Serena in just one move, Acnologia was pretty much unstoppable.