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Student Self Introduction | How to lớn introduce Yourself in school or college-


Introducing oneself is one of the vital elements of presenting yourself in front of others. When it is about students’ self introduction then it becomes more crucial. In colleges, students introduce themselves differently, whereas when it is about introducing themselves as freshers then it’s different. The first impression is the last impression so students must always remain careful while introducing themselves. 

In this blog, you can find a few samples of student self introduction. You can prepare your introduction according to these samples. However, if you want a more customised self-introduction then take guidance from career experts on the app. The experts will analyse the situation for which you need the introduction và thus prepare the best one accordingly.

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Importance of Self Introduction for Students


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Self Introduction for students is important as it is self-representation in a confident, clear, and concise way. Student self introduction refers to lớn presenting clear, short, và accurate information about oneself. In the introduction, students need lớn cover a lot of aspects like personality, aptitude, & all other details that the audience needs to know. If you are able khổng lồ introduce yourself khổng lồ others successfully then that generates confidence. Besides that, self-introduction also enables the audience lớn understand you in a better way. 

Student Self Introduction Samples

Often while introducing yourself you may face a dilemma: how to lớn introduce myself in English or what is the best way to introduce yourself effectively. In that situation, you can follow the samples given below and make changes in it lớn customize them according khổng lồ your details. Let’s kiểm tra out these four samples which will render you a brief idea about self-introduction. 

1. I am a student of class 10 studying in Delhi. Basically, I am from a small village of . My father’s name is < Name of Father> & my mother’s name is . I stay in a hostel in Delhi. My hobby is reading books. In the future, I desire khổng lồ become an IAS officer. 

2. Hello, I’m ! I’ve been working in for

I graduated from with . My subjects were. Further, I am looking ahead lớn pursue my Master’s program at . My career goal is khổng lồ become a professor. 

3. Hello Sir/madam, 

I am Rajeev, born & brought up in Bangalore. I feel fortunate lớn get the opportunity to introduce myself. I have graduated from Christ college with 65% aggregate marks. My subject was B.A in Economics. Currently, I am looking ahead khổng lồ pursue M.A in Economics from Bangalore University. I believe one can get success only when they are determined towards their career goal with full enthusiasm. In this way, I want to obtain a balanced life and achieve greater heights. 

4. Good morning, 

My name is Rekha and it is a pleasure to lớn introduce myself to you. Basically, I belong lớn Rajasthan but currently, I am staying in Hyderabad. I did my schooling at Delhi Public school và scored 75% in 10 & 95% in 12th. After my 12th, I am pursuing BTech in Computer science. I am in the final year of the course. 

I had a career goal khổng lồ become an Engineer which was fixed in mind from the very beginning. Now, I am here fulfilling my goal. Apart from studies, I love to write & sing. Listening khổng lồ old melodies gives me happiness. 

Self-introduction in English for Students: Examples

Self-introduction for students in school or college creates an everlasting impression on the audience. Preparing an effective self-introduction generates self-confidence and hence helps a person to lớn present themselves in a good manner in front of others. It also enables them to lớn develop confidence và present themselves positively. Hence, the overall environment becomes contended và comfortable. 

Example 1

Good morning Sir/ Madam

I am Amartya Sen, born và brought up in Kolkata. Thank you for the opportunity khổng lồ introduce myself. I completed my schooling at South Point school with 77% marks in 10th và 82% marks in 12th. Currently, I am pursuing English Honours from Jadavpur University. 

I believe my strength is my attitude to take up challenges without thinking whether I will succeed or fail. I always try to move forward in a balanced manner. My motivation is my parents who always complete every task with a smile. 

Currently, I am in search of a platform that allows me to expand my career and grow with the organisation’s success. That’s all about me. Thank you once again for providing me with such an excellent opportunity. 

Example 2

Good Morning Sir/Ma’am

I’m Amartya Sen và it’s my pleasure to introduce myself. I was born in Ludhiana và grew up in Kolkata. I completed my schooling at North Point school and now I am pursuing from IIT Bangalore.

Throughout the years of my study, I have thought of becoming an Engineer. My focus is always on taking up new challenges và putting in all my efforts & knowledge khổng lồ cope with them efficiently. Being a final year B.Tech student I am looking for an opportunity to take up challenges in an organisation và climb the ladder of success together. Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to lớn introduce myself.

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Self-introduction for freshers in college or school


Self-introduction for freshers 

Often freshers may get panicked thinking about ‘my self-introduction in English’. Yes, indeed self-introduction can be nerve-wracking for the freshers. Whether you are freshers to a college/school/company, your self-introduction has the capability khổng lồ decide your future. So while introducing yourself, you must have a better understanding of the aspects that you need to lớn mention. Here are some points that you need to lớn keep in mind while preparing your self-introduction:

Always keep your answers simple & concise. Never use complex or lengthy phrases or words in the student self introductionInclude essential generic facts that make it easy to understand Start with a formal greeting lượt thích good morning, evening, as per the timingMention your basic information lượt thích your name, location, college, and course

List of things lớn include if you are preparing a lengthy student self introduction:

Describe your background and the reasons you choose the specific fieldInclude details of co-curricular activities, internships, và experiences If required you can include the aspects of your personal life that can impact your professional lifeMention your language proficiency, certifications, và training relevant to lớn your field. 

Student self introduction rules for freshers

Whether it is about self-introduction for students in colleges or schools or a company, there’s some common set of rules that students must follow. It’s essential lớn establish some dos và don’ts lớn format the self-introduction effectively. Follow these rules and customise your own self-introduction:

While introducing yourself, always maintain eye contact. This shows that you are fearlessly introducing yourself & all the details that you are mentioning in the self-introduction are genuine. Don’t make the introduction too long as that can bore the listener as well as they will find it difficult khổng lồ remember your vital details among so many details. It should be shorter than one minute và brief, crisp, and interesting. Avoid using slang languages. No need to lớn memorise the entire student self introduction. Instead, you can memorise the important points và elaborate them accordingly. 

Steps of Student self-introduction

Certain steps are involved while writing a personal introduction. If you are writing the introduction without taking help from the experts then follow the steps mentioned here to get a perfect introduction. You must ensure lớn include each of these steps religiously in your introduction. Here are the steps:

Greet: The beginning of a student self introduction should be always with a greeting. Along with the salutation make sure khổng lồ include a greeting lượt thích good morning, good evening, hello, etc. A proper greeting grabs the attention of the audience as well as reflects your confidence at the beginning of your introduction itself. Purpose: Of course, if you are introducing yourself somewhere then there’s a purpose behind it. After greeting, you must mention the purpose of the introduction. There should be a strong purpose or motive for beginning the conversation. While giving your introduction, a valid purpose makes the introduction more impactful and meaningful. Name: The next vital element of self introduction once you mentioned the purpose is your name. Our name is our identity. Before anything else, mention your name. At the start of the introduction, mention your name. Location: Apart from the name, the next important element in a student’s self-introduction is the location. It is essential to mention the location to lớn offer a brief idea about your background. Qualification: Once you have introduced yourself with a name the next important thing that you need khổng lồ mention is the qualification. Whether you are studying in college or school or attending an interview, mention all your past qualifications & achievements. Other details: The above-mentioned details are the most important parts of a self-introduction. However, there are many other details that you can include in the self-introduction. Tell about your achievements, likes, and dislikes, aims, hobbies, etc.

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Conclusion: At the kết thúc of all the details, you must conclude the self-introduction. Make sure you provide an unforgettable và attractive answer so that everyone listening to lớn your introduction remembers you. In the end, while concluding, mention something that represents you in one line or phrase. Greet at the end: Once concluded, you need lớn greet again with a thank you. You can also địa chỉ ‘thanks for the opportunity for allowing me to provide my self-introduction.’ at the over of the introduction.

Self Introduction in English for students in College: Samples

Sample 1

My name is Pooja Verma. I am from Lucknow. I passed class 12 from St.John’s school of commerce. Currently, I am pursuing BBA from XYZ college. In school, I was interested in singing and dancing and thus actively participated in all co-curricular activities. I am looking forward to the upcoming three years in this college lớn learn new things và contribute my part whenever required. 

Sample 2

Hello everyone, I’m Rohan Saud from Pune. I completed my schooling in Mumbai và completed my degree from XYZ college in Maharashtra. From childhood itself, I was interested in the business field. So, to lớn develop managerial skills to lớn manage a business I enrolled in MBA. I feel fortunate khổng lồ get a chance to study at ABC college. Although I am not involved too much in extracurricular activities, my hobby is photography & I am also a thành viên of the photography club of my college. 

Sample 3

Good morning,

My name is Shalini Verma, born & brought up in New Delhi. Recently I moved to lớn Pune lớn pursue a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication from XYZ college. I had completed my schooling from Delhi Public School in commerce. I scored 82% in class 10 & 88% in class 12. From my school days, I was interested in mass communication và always wanted khổng lồ get into this field. Apart from studies, I am also interested in basketball & was also part of my school’s basketball team. I can fluently speak Hindi, English, & Marathi.

Self Introduction for students in school: samples


The students who are still in school need to lớn introduce themself in the classroom. As you are in school the classroom student self introduction will be different from college student self introduction. Kiểm tra out the samples mentioned here to find the one relatable lớn you. 

Sample 1

Good morning,

My name is Swati Lekha. I was born and brought up in New Delhi. I studied till class 10 in Delhi Public school, Delhi. Recently, my father got transferred and so I moved with my parents khổng lồ Mumbai. I am good at playing volleyball & have played at the state level. I am looking forward khổng lồ studying at XYZ school and completing my 12th in commerce with flying marks. 

Thank you

Sample 2

Good Morning

My name is Ankush Thakur. I was born & brought up in Lucknow. I am a class 11 science student studying in XYZ school. Upon completion of my class 12, I look forward to lớn pursuing from a renowned college.