Survival instinct




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I"ve been using a bow và now the bows I make are green level. I just found the plans for a crossbow, in a garbage pile of all the places on day 46, lol, and made a crossbow which is also green level.My question is, is the crossbow better than a bow và in what way?
Travels straigher hits harder Yup.

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Xbow isn"t as fun/great (read: OP"d) as it was in A10 but it"s still my first choice. Soon as I can make one, I ditch the wood bow & never look back. I really dislike that wood bow, lol.
Since A13 crossbow is obsolete. Slower than bow (always was), heavily gated, not much easier to make a headshot. Totally useless in single player game.
It"s a bit stronger I think, but by that stage you can probably one shot kill a zombie with a bow anyway, so the extra power of the crossbow won"t make a difference.Comes down to personal preference I think.
for me personally the bow is a lot bether then the xbox,because its easy lớn make headshots with it ,with the xbow its harder for me,and the bow have a bether RoF(rate of fire) ,in Patch 11 or 12 ? i killed whole towns with just the bow lol
Crosshairs wrok better on the xbow - I can make headshots firing from the hip.But Miiiiiiiiiiiiike is right, by then your one shoting most zombies.
I thing that the Xbow is easier to lớn use as you bởi not have a delay when you press the trigger & hip fire is also better. But damage wise, they are the same.

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I have a much harder time using a crossbow as compared to lớn the usual bow and arrow. Though it is a fact that crossbow has a better bullet drop & higher damage, it is easy lớn just grind your bow to purple và one hit most zombies. The other tougher ones like police fatsies & ferals, I normally use a gun anyways. I just dislike the crossbow iron sights (Way too wide!) and its long reload time. The bow ain"t perfect either with its inconsistent animation that blocks your crosshair from time to lớn time (Is that supposed lớn be intentional or a bug?).
Don"t like the crossbow personally, it"s difficult to line up that headshot because there are no good sights on it. At the point I"m at, I"ve stopped using ranged weapons altogether, except for guns on horde nights. Much prefer my machete.
If you look at the bolts vs arrows you see more damage for bolts compared to arrows. However, bows are much easier khổng lồ make, have a better rate of fire. Also, once you can make a purp bow, the extra damage from xbow is not that noticable. Plus, you can find steel arrows off of looting cops, but you will not find steel bolts (or at least I have not) which does help some with ammo supply.The biggest consideration though, is which you find easier to lớn aim for head shots. Play around with both và find the one you can land more head shots with, I use khổng lồ use the xbow as soon as I could get it, but in the latest version I find the bow easier khổng lồ use.
Crossbow is too much grinding to lớn get when a regular bow is easy khổng lồ put together và does just as good a job when you know how lớn shoot. Maintenance wise the bow is much easier to lớn maintain since you just need wood instead of forged iron.Now if you are talking earlier then Alpha 13 then the Crossbow would be better since it was easier to maintain và make.
OPWhich is better? The Crossbow.However...As you start out with the bow and spend a decent amount of time using it before you end up being able to move khổng lồ on to lớn better weapons...many people are better at using the bow vs crossbow.Also generally about the time you get a crossbow going is around the time you may be working on getting a shotgun together và usable as a more primary weapon.So you may not kết thúc up spending a large amount of time using the crossbow to lớn get really good at it"s use.Thats the way it works for me, I get lớn the point of being Robin Hood with the bow...then switch và ♥♥♥♥♥ about the crossbow....and then by the time I have the hang of it again, I"m switching over to lớn using the shotgun & so I never quite reach crossbow mastery.Also depending on difficulty the extra damage the crossbow does can be negated, so if you are playing super easy mode, và everything dies to lớn a stone arrow...then you just gain accuracy & distance with the crossbow, và if you arent able to quickly get good with it...may not even be worth trying.