If it rains you are nice


When you’re going on vacation during the off season, it’s normal to lớn be met with some inclement weather. It’s still a bummer when it happens.

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On our trip lớn the French Riviera, we both arrived & left in the rain. Our last day there was especially chilly và wet, leading us snowflakes lớn retreat lớn a series of indoor activities.

Luckily, we were in Nice, a cultured thành phố with plenty to lớn occupy you with even when it’s raining & you can’t hit the beach.

Here are some ideas on what to vì chưng in Nice when it rains, or more generally, things to vày in Nice no matter the weather, because indoor activities need some love, too.

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What to vị in Nice When it Rains

Short Attention Span? Skip Around!

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Check out all of fun things that await off-season travel to lớn France, và all the fun things to bởi in Nice, France, when it rains. You’ll be well-cultured, well-fed, and perhaps a bit tipsy, but you’ll have a delightful time nonetheless!


La Rossettisserie in Old Nice was our Thanksgiving meal, và it couldn’t have come closer to lớn the real thing. Each platter comes with your choice of meat (sorry, veggies) và a side of mashed/roasted potatoes or ratatouille, a good-sized portion of food for around đôi mươi USD.

As I have yet lớn wrap my brain around ratatouille, và who am I kidding, how bởi I say no lớn mashed potatoes, the choice for me there was an obvious one. We all shared a bottle of Beaujolais wine, too, because holidays.

Reservations are available via thecontact formon their site.

Olive et Artichaut

Our travel pals treated us lớn this Old Nice restaurant, because we are awesome và they are awesome. I think that’s why. Prices weren’t exorbitant, but Olive et Artichaut definitely wasn’t our budget meal.

Brian và I shared truffle risotto và the freshly-caught fish of the day, along with a bottle of wine for the table. Bởi vì you sense a theme with the wine times? I’d recommend it for a nice meal out.

Reservations are available via theironline booking system. Just don’t arrive early for your reservation, as you’ll get shooed out.

Chez Pipo

We had ourselves a tapas-style meal at Chez Pipo, basically ordering double of everything on the menu, because it was that cheap & we like to eat that much.

Fun fact: Their specialty is socca, a traditional dish in Nice that is essentially a flatbread made of chickpea flour. It’s simple and delicious.

I noticed they offered different toppings for their socca at some point, including seafood, so inquire about that if you visit. We only had the plain available lớn us, perhaps because it was lunchtime, but that was enough.

Oh, we also had a bottle of Beaujolais wine, because it was under 20 USD. Reservations aren’t necessary unless you’re traveling in a large group.

A quick cảnh báo before we move on…

There’s this thing that happens in France where you think a place is going lớn be open, it’s confirmed on Google, & then you walk there in the rain & it’s closed. Click lớn Tweet

Sometimes the owners went on vacation, which, good for them. Sometimes, though, it’s inexplicable. There’s no sign, just a shut door. These spots below were on our list, but closed, for whatever reason.

Chez Palmyre

I was wanting to try Chez Palmyre because it’s a family-run establishment described as having THE most authentic local cuisine. It sounded small & busy và loud and like an experience we wanted lớn partake in.

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Unfortunately, we weren’t able to lớn get through to them to lớn make a reservation. We didn’t have luck calling the restaurant for a reservation, nor vì they have an online booking system. I’d suggest stopping by physically during open hours if you’re really interested.

Voyaguer Nissart

Voyageur Nissart was right next to our lodging for the week, which I’d recommend because it was dirt cheap and easy walking distance khổng lồ the thành phố center and transportation options. (It’s theHostel Ozz Nice by HappyCulture, if you’re interested.)

Unfortunately, the owners were on holiday for the week we were there. I was wanting lớn try this one for the local cuisine options & set menus at budget prices. Their online booking form was down last we checked, but they have an e-mail and phone number on their site forbooking requests.

Chez Thérésa

This one is a popular socca spot near the Cours Saleya market. Chez Thérésa was also on holiday for the week we were there.

As we hit up Chez Pipo for the same kind of cuisine, we weren’t too disappointed by this one, but apparently when this one’s open, the lines khung down the street. No reservations are needed, as this is a wait-in-line situation.

Drink All the Drinks at the Best Bars in Nice

If you’ve been following along, you know we pretty much bought a bottle of wine with every meal. When the bottles are 15-25 USD, that’s just how you roll.

And then when it starts to drizzle a little bit, you don’t mind it as much…because you’ve had a bottle of wine.

Check out the best bars in Nice below if you’re looking for some cocktails in addition khổng lồ all of that cheap wine to include in your rainy day activities.

Les Distilleries Idéales

The atmosphere inside this bar in Old Nice is great. Les Distilleries Idéales is all very steampunk. They offer snacks, but we were there for the beer & wine, of which they have plenty.

While there, we also observed a Hawaiian-themed bar crawl take a bunch of shots & disperse cheek kisses all around. If you’re there before late night, happy hour specials are available from 6-8pm.

Hotel Negresco

The bar inside the more than 100-year-old khách sạn Negresco on the Promenade des Anglaisis legendary for its ambiance, và expensive cocktails. I made that second part up, but it’s like 25 USD for a drink there.

I’m not exaggerating.

We went for it because it’s vacation and it’s the Riviera and we probably had two bottles of cheap wine in us by that point, which can affect decisions.

Also, you get some fancy savory nuts and breadsticks with your order và the view, so there’s that going for you.

They’ve got a long danh sách of cocktails. The Champagne varieties & martinis are especially fun…until you get the bill, of course.

Now, another disclaimer…

As with the eateries I’ve mentioned, bars weren’t immune from random closings, and there were some spots we just couldn’t get to. Nevertheless, they sounded awesome, so I’ll include them for you here in case you’re able to lớn visit!

Cave de la Tour

This wine bar in Old Nice was one of those places that was xuất hiện online but closed once we got there. There wasn’t any explanation on the door of Cave de la Tour, so I couldn’t tell you why.

I wanted to post up in this spot as it’s one of the oldest wine bars in Nice, with snacks available, as well. What we could see of the interior was lovely.

Beer District

We just didn’t make it to this one, despite our usual love for local craft beer on vacation. There was just too much wine khổng lồ drink.

Beer District currently has 16 microbrews on tap, along with additional international beers if you don’t want khổng lồ drink local.

Le Shapko

I always have intentions khổng lồ make it khổng lồ a bar after dinner, but it’s hard to do when dinner’s so much later than I’m used to, when I’m jet lagged, and when I’m old. I have some regret about missing Old Nice’s Le Shapko, as I think a funk/soul/jazz bar in France would’ve been quite the scene.

There’s also a daily happy hour from 7-9pm if you’re too tired for late-night exploits.

What did I miss? What are your favorite Nice sights, whether it’s raining or not? vị you have general tips on activities to do when it rains? How about fun things to do with kids when it rains in Nice? (I don’t have kids, you guys.)

Let me know in the comments!

Ready lớn Go to France?

Your Flight: I use a variety of tools lớn find cheap airfare, but when I’m looking to book during a particular period of time lượt thích for this trip, I’ll use Skyscanner. It’s a great tool for when you’re more flexible, too, as it allows you to compare travel based on length of travel, departure date, etc.

Deals lớn France, particularly Paris and Nice, happen quite often. Another strategy is following the major airlines to catch good đơn hàng that may come up for your city.

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The property we stayed at that I’d recommend is the Hostel Ozz Nice by HappyCulture. They have both hostel-type accommodations & private rooms with bathrooms. This is budget lodging, for sure, so expect small spaces. You’ll have more triệu euro for exploring the Riviera, though!

If you’re interested in a comparison tool for properties you’re considering, Hotels.com is a good place lớn start, as they’ll have very similar properties on their site. Vrbo is our preferred Airbnb alternative.

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