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Go on a survival journey, split your tab with friends, và unwind after a long day with today’s collection of apps và games.Bạn đang xem: Today's apps gone free



This ultra fast runner has split second twitch sensitive analogue control. You’ll rip through rocky debris và caves, dodge rocks and comets, và try lớn constantly beat your high score. The trò chơi includes hours of action, three difficulty levels that can be unlocked, & a thematic soundtrack.

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In Spike’s Word game Junior, your job is lớn discover the hidden words by connecting letters and liberate the animals. After each animal has been freed they’ll provide some words of wisdom. Lớn craft words, simply drag your finger over the vị trí cao nhất of adjacent tiles. The grid of letters will grow as you progress, but hints are available in case you find yourself stuck. The trò chơi includes a total of 270 levels, daily puzzles, và the ability lớn revisit each animal’s words of wisdom.

You want khổng lồ develop your child’s vocabulary.

You’re an adult looking for a word tìm kiếm game. This one is designed for children.

Anyone looking lớn unwind after a long day.

FREE ($2.99)For a limited timeFREE ($2.99)For a limited time

Nature offers relaxing sounds from around the world to lớn help you fall asleep faster & sleep better. There are 72 different places khổng lồ choose from. Listen to lớn the birds in the Brazilian forest or baby seals in Antarctica. Nature has an auto-off timer & offers the ability to add an alarm clock.

PUK will put your nerves, dexterity, & endurance khổng lồ the ultimate test. You’ll use one finger to pull back và ping to lớn destroy targets. There are 1,000 chất lượng levels that are perpetually generated every time so you aren’t playing the same levels over and over again. PUK is integrated with trò chơi Center và is highly addictive; you’ve been warned.

You want something fast you can just pick up và play.

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You’re easily frustrated, each time you thua kém you’ll have lớn start back at the first level.

Gamers looking for a real challenge will enjoy this one.

FREE ($0.99)For a limited timeFREE ($0.99)For a limited time

HoPiKo is fast và brutal, which is what makes it so much fun. The object of the game is khổng lồ leap from platform khổng lồ platform while avoiding obstacles in order to lớn smash the Nanobyte virus to lớn bits at the end. Each stage has five separate sections, & if you fail one, you must start from the beginning. Additionally, you can take it slow going from platform to lớn platform, but you’ll never achieve a perfect rating. The quality touch screen controls make perfecting each level all the more satisfying.

If you enjoy twitch-based games of any kind, you need HoPiKo lớn be a part of your collection. Not only are the controls fantastic, so are the visuals và the soundtrack.

It’s difficult, as it should be.

Anyone that enjoys eating out with friends.

FREE ($0.99)For a limited timeFREE ($0.99)For a limited time

IOU calculates what everyone owes by simply scanning the receipt và itemizing it for everyone in the party. Add the people in your group and select their items. You can get the total with tip and tax included for each person without having khổng lồ calculate it manually.

If you are a developer who would like to get your phầm mềm included in our “Apps GoneFree” daily lists, here’s our basic set of rules:

To submit an app, simply send a request to, with the subject“Apps Gone Free.” Please include the name of the app, a links to it in the tiện ích Store, when and for how long youintend to offer the ứng dụng for free, and anything else you would like to share. We will take it from there.