A timeline of hyeri and ryu jun yeol's relationship

Girl's Day Hyeri Relationship Status 2023: Is She Still Dating 'Reply 1988' Co-Actor Ryu Jun Yeol?

Amid breakup & divorce news in the entertainment scene in the past year, only a few celebrity couples remained together. Are Hyeri và Ryu Jun Yeol among them?

From năm ngoái to 2021: Girl"s Day Hyeri & Ryu Jun Yeol"s Dating Timeline

In 2015, Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri first met as co-stars for tvN"s "Reply 1988." The actor played the role of Jung Hwan while the idol acted as Deok Sun, both childhood friends và part of the Ssangmundong squad.

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During the show which aired from 2015 to 2016, Jun Yeol và Hyeri were extremely loved for their characters" natural chemistry & a lot were rooting for them to over up together in the drama.

However, Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) truly defined the second male lead syndrome to lớn a whole new cấp độ after Deok Sun (Hyeri) eventually ended up dating và marrying Park Bo Gum"s role, Taek.

Despite the considerably satisfying ending, their roles shippers were still complaining about the heartbreaking ending for the childhood friends.


Amid fans" sentiments after the show in 2016, it was also noticeable how Ryu Jun Yeol would still post past photos with the Ssangmundong squad, especially Hyeri. The two actors would also often mention each other in every show appearance they will have, và their chemistry never fails to give viewers butterflies in their tummies!

The supposed fan service turned out that the actor and idol actress were actually hinting at a HUGE plot twist!

In August 2017, the whole entertainment scene & hopeless fans were finally able to lớn rejoice after Ryu Jun Yeol và Hyeri acknowledged their relationship, whose friendship developed into lovers. Finally a real couple!


Although there are speculations that people will see more of the couple in public, they actually opt lớn keep their relationship private.

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Since then, the couple would rarely talk about each other, but when they did, both would talk about how they respect each other"s passion for their work. Their relationship remained low-key in the truyền thông but not a secret since they were sometimes seen by fans in public enjoying quality time alone together.


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The 6-year couple didn"t change their love even in 2022. In September, Hyeri visited & personally sent a support truck for her boyfriend on his birthday, adding the banners, "Happy birthday khổng lồ my beloved Ryu Jun Yeol" và "Jun Yeol’s No. 1 fan."

Hyeri & Ryu Jun Yeol Relationship Update 2023: Will Fans Finally Hear Wedding Bells?


As of 2023, Hyeri & Ryu Jun Yeol were still dating each other.

Although they were rarely seen together in photos, Lee Dong Hwi gave fans Hyeri X Jun Yeol crumbs when he uploaded a photo of the "Ssangmundong" squad reunion on January 20.

Seems lượt thích the squad was still close as ever— and the pair are still seeing each other well!

As Hyeri và Jun Yeol are dating for a long time, fans were really excited khổng lồ see them get married to each other. Regarding marriage, Ryu Jun Yeol briefly talk about this in 2019, saying:

"I don"t have plans for marriage as of now."

Four years after, bởi vì you think his answer would be different? We are all waiting!

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