Millie bobby brown's parents

Millie Bobby Brown burst onto the scene when she played the role of Eleven in Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things. Eleven is a mysterious and powerful girl who shows up in town right after the disappearance of a hometown boy.

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Millie’s role in Stranger Things has become a cultural phenomenon, with people even tattooing the name on Eleven on their bodies. We have watched Millie grow from a child to lớn a bubbly teen. However, you will see on this piece that it wouldn’t have been possible without the sacrifice of her parents, Robert & Kelly Brown.

Robert & Kelly unsuccessfully uprooted their lives in the UK khổng lồ give Millie a better shot at acting


Millie had lớn cut her hair lớn play the role of Eleven in Stranger Things, but her mom was against the idea. She liked Millie with a full set of hair. On the other hand, Robert didn’t mind Millie cutting her hair.

Bobby told Elle; “My mom’s like, ‘No! That’s not happening,’ and I was like, ‘Mom. You need to lớn chill out; it’s gonna grow back.’ My mom was against it. & me and my dad were like, ‘Come on. It’s fine!’”

Millie’s parents ensure that she stays grounded

Millie’s parents consider Millie’s success as an actor as a mere bonus. They ensure that she focuses on her schoolwork, và make sure that she does chores. According lớn Robert, it helps Millie stay grounded in a hectic industry. Robert told the Daily Mail; “It’s important for Millie not to feel under pressure. She’s a kid. She has to bởi vì her homework và chores. Everything else is a bonus.”

Fans criticized Millie’s parents for neglecting their child after TikToker Hunter Echo admitted to grooming her

In July 2021, Hunter Echo posted a disturbing Instagram Live session in which he admitted lớn grooming Millie Bobby Brown. Grooming involves an adult manipulating a minor for sexual favors.

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Hunter went as far as describing his alleged sexual encounters with Millie. Perhaps the most shocking claim by Hunter was that Millie’s parents allowed him to lớn live with Millie for eight months.

“So Millie Bobby Brown’s parents was letting their sixteen-year-old daughter date… a 20-year-old?” one Twitter user wrote. “And they lived together for 8 months? & he was recently making comments about their sex life?”

Twitter users criticized Bobby’s parents for neglecting their daughter và using her for money. “Mr. Ecimovic’s remarks on social truyền thông are not only dishonest but also are irresponsible, offensive, & hateful,” Millie’s representatives told Teen Vogue.

Millie’s camp threatened khổng lồ bring legal action against Hunter. Neither Millie nor her parents have made a public comment on the matter.

Hunter, on the other hand, apologized for his distasteful comments. He blamed alcohol for influencing his poor decisions. In a since-deleted TikTok video, Hunter said:

“I’m not proud of it at all, or how I spoke. It sounded very immature, looked horrible. I am sorry for doing that live stream. I should have ended it, but I chose not to. looked horrible on my family, it looked horrible on me, it looked horrible on my friends.”