How to write thank you messages for birthday wishes


There’s no better feeling than waking up on your birthday and getting an onslaught of messages of birthday wishes from your favorite people! Apart from the well-deserved messages celebrating you completing yet another journey around the sun, some people will take this time to lớn tell you how much they love you & how much they appreciate your presence in their lives.

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If you’re in a situation where you feel all the feels but have trouble finding the words to express to your loved ones, take a peek at this danh sách to see the perfect way to say thanks for the sweet birthday wishes whether that be in a text message, a private message, or a Facebook status for the whole world lớn see. That way, you can worry less about what lớn say and go back to lớn celebrating your back day!

85 Ways to Say Thank You for the Birthday Wishes


1. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. You really made my day special!

2. It is a beautiful day for my birthday! It is a great reminder of how thankful I am for all the beauty I have in my life. Thanks for being a part of this great feeling!

3. I can’t quite express just how much all of your birthday wishes meant khổng lồ me today. I adored each & every one of them, và want you all to know how very much I appreciate each of you taking a little time out of your day to lớn think of me. I love you all so much!

4. You rock! Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!

5. Thank you to lớn all my friends for the birthday wishes, gifts, laughs, weird birthday jokes, và everything.

6. Y’all are too much! I am so blessed to lớn have such precious friends, family, and colleagues – you all mean the world to lớn me.

7. Khổng lồ all who sent me birthday wishes, thank you so much for thinking of me!

8. I just wanted to lớn take a moment và say “thank you” to lớn everyone for all of the birthday wishes. It means a lot lớn me that you all took time from your busy lives to lớn wish me a happy birthday. My friends are the best!

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9. I am truly touched by the sheer number of messages và phone calls I received for my birthday. I genuinely enjoyed reading all of your lovely comments, they each touched my heart and almost moved me to tears!

10. It was nice lớn hear from so many people yesterday. Thanks for making me feel special on my birthday.

11. Thank you for all your birthday greetings. Yes, another long year và another number added lớn my age, but it is still great khổng lồ hear from all of my favorite people on Earth!

12. I’m being totally truthful when I say that each and every message brought a smile khổng lồ my face and made my day that much more special!

13. My thanks lớn everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday. The rest of you are dead to lớn me.


17. Thank you for my birthday messages. It’s definitely been a birthday khổng lồ remember!

18. Wow! Thank you all so very much for thinking of me today, I value and appreciate each và every one of you very dearly.

19. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. Hearing from you slightly lessened my despair at turning a year older.

20. You people are so special to me. Thanks so much, everyone, for the astonishing birthday wishes!


21. I just wanted khổng lồ take a moment to lớn reflect upon today, & show my appreciation for how touched I am by all of the messages I received, wishing me a happy birthday.

22. Thank you all for reading your Facebook notifications & realizing that yesterday was my birthday.


38. Thanks for those heavenly wishes on my birthday. Friends lượt thích you can indeed be hard khổng lồ find, which is why I’ll always cherish our friendship.

39. Thank you all for the birthday love you have shown me today!


40. Wow, thanks for the many birthday wishes! I had no idea so many people still read their Facebook notifications!

41. As we get older, birthdays tend khổng lồ attract less attention from our loved ones, so I just wanted to thank those for remembering me on that very special day of mine & sending me those sweet wishes!

42. You have all made my day that much more special, & for that, I am so grateful!

43. Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes! The best birthday gift is being reminded of what wonderful friends I have!

44. This girl is incredibly blessed to have such amazing family and friends. I feel so special & loved on my special day! Happy birthday to lớn me.

45. Each year, I’m left speechless after receiving so many lovely birthday wishes. I’m thanking each và every one of you for your incredibly kind & thoughtful words!

46. Thank you all for making me feel like royalty on my birthday! Every single birthday wish was special khổng lồ me.

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47. Yesterday was a big birthday và my friends và loved ones made it even bigger with those lovely wishes. Thank you very much!

48. I’m truly touched by all of your kind words và simply saying thanks for birthday wishes doesn’t even begin to lớn show my appreciation. You made my special day 100 times better!

49. My birthday was awesome, và that’s thanks to lớn all the awesome people who took the time khổng lồ send me birthday wishes. Thank you!

50. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It was a birthday full of joy & happiness thanks lớn you – look forward to doing it again next year!

51. Wow! I’ve received so many birthday messages today & not a single one of them was teasing me about my age. Y’all are the best!

52. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. I feel blessed khổng lồ have such wonderful friends and family.

53. It’s such a blessing having people like you wishing me wonderful things on my birthday. I am nothing but grateful for your love. Thanks!

54. Overwhelmed, my heart is full, và glowing with gratitude is how I’m feeling after reading all the birthday messages I received today. Thank you lớn everyone who made my day extra special!

55. Gosh, you all make me feel so special. Thank you for your kind birthday wishes!

56. Allow me lớn express my profound gratitude for gracing my birthday with your beautiful wishes. They địa chỉ cửa hàng so much to lớn my life!

57. It never ceases khổng lồ amaze me how wonderful the people around me are. I’m sending a great big thank you lớn you all for your touching birthday wishes!

58. A special “Thank you” goes out to those who remembered my birthday without using Facebook.

59. My birthday was truly magical thanks to the beautiful messages & wishes you sent me. I appreciate every single wish that I received. Thank you!


60. I’m completely in shock by all the birthday messages I received. Y’all knocked me off my feet!

61. Thank you for the birthday wishes! Yep, I’m old.

62. Those were some xinh tươi birthday wishes from awesome friends lượt thích you!

63. I couldn’t be more thankful & touched than I am by all of the birthday wishes I’ve received today.

64. Thank you lớn all those who wished me a happy birthday on my special day. You turned my pity tiệc ngọt into a celebration!

65. Words are not adequate enough to lớn express the joy of seeing your sweet wishes flooding my timeline. I feel special already!

66. Khổng lồ all of those who helped my great day be even greater, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the beautiful messages.

67. Thank you for reminding me of my nightmare! I’m getting old.

68. I cannot thank you enough for the great gifts of wishes you gave me on my birthday. I am so grateful for your love!

69. Just a quick hello & thank you lớn everyone! Your messages made my birthday the most amazing one yet.

70. If I didn’t text you back, it’s because I’m out partying. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

71. Thank you for making me number one on your list on my special day. I am so thrilled by the amount of love you showed me!

72. Just a quick note to say that I was over the moon reading all of your lovely birthday wishes and messages today. I really bởi have the best people around me!

73. Thanks for saying I “age gracefully”, You lie so sweetly. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday!

74. My eyes are watery from the joy you brought on my birthday!

75. Thank you for making my day positive. Thank you for your love!

76. Thank you for the sweet birthday text! It makes my heart flutter. It is the best birthday gift!

77. Every birthday I have, I give my utmost appreciation to God. He gave me people like you. Thank you!

78. Thank you for giving me all of the birthday attention. I don’t know how I deserve such treatment. I am deeply thankful lớn all of you!

79. Even if my birthday will only last for 24 hours, your birthday wishes will stay forever in my heart.

80. Despite your busy schedules, you never forget my birthday. Thank you, my loves.

81. If only I could buy thank you gifts for each one of you. But I assure you that my love for all of you is sky-high. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

82. Thank you all for the birthday text messages. You made my morning today!

83. Thank you for making me smile on my birthday!

84. I intend not to lớn mention & let anyone know that today is my birthday, but you guys are excellent researchers on Facebook. Thank you all!

85. Thank you for making my day even better! I love you lớn the moon and back. Xo

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