We have had the roof of our house ______ a

For example:1) House"s roof collapsed yesterday.or2) The roof of the house collapsed yesterday.

Which of these two is better & why?



Both are understandable, but you have to be careful how you construct your sentence.

Bạn đang xem: We have had the roof of our house ______ a

House"s roof collapsed yesterday.

Doesn"t work, because I don"t know what house you"re talking about. There are millions of houses. You need to lớn say

My house"s roof collapsed yesterday.

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Which is a perfectly acceptable setntence.

The roof of the house collapsed yesterday

Is perfectly clear, but a little more formal. I would still say

The roof of my house collapsed yesterday

Unless you were in a conversation where the phrase "the house" is unambiguous, such as if you were discussing it with the contractor who built your house in the first place.

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