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Your tư vấn and love is what YooA needs, MIRACLEs! She recently tested positive for COVID-19 and is now undergoing self-isolation.

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WM Entertainment has recently made an announcement regarding the current health condition of one of its talented artists, OH MY GIRL’s YooA.

On the morning of March 6, the agency released an official statement confirming that the young and bright idol has recently contracted the COVID-19 virus. She is the second thành viên of OH MY GIRL who tested positive, following Hyojung who was diagnosed with COVID-19 on February 23.


WM Entertainment did not provide any further details as lớn how the artist got the virus, but they gave an update regarding what precautionary measures they are currently taking.

The agency revealed that YooA took a self-test kit on March 5 as a preemptive measure, và received a positive result afterwards. She immediately received a PCR demo for further confirmation, and unfortunately, the results also came back as positive as positive.

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“YooA has completed two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, và she has currently halted all activities và is resting and taking all necessary measures in compliance with the guidelines set by the government health authorities,” the agency added.

Greatly assuring fans, WM Entertainment vowed that they will make their artist’s health và safety as their highest priority. They also promised that they will vì their best so YooA can focus on her speedy recovery & treatment.

“We will also cooperate with all requests and measures phối by the health authorities,” the agency concluded.


Soon after the news came out, MIRACLEs’ from all over the world expressed their concern and support for their beloved idol via social media. YooA took over Twitter’s Trending Page, along with the hashtags “GetWellSoonYooA” and “GetWellSoonOHMYGIRL.”

The messages & well-wishes MIRACLEs sent were all full of love & sincerity for the artist, whom they value the most.

Get well soon