Top 15 game nhập vai hay nhất cho android

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August 17, 2021:Updated thelistIf you enjoy spending some quality time levelling up, evolving your character & being sucked into other fantasy worlds, then our các mục of the đứng top 25 best RPG games for Android is certainly a gold mine for you!

PC & console gamers have been enjoying RPGs for decades, it”s one of the foundational genres for the video game medium. Because of this RPGs have thrived in the mobile space, with both Android & iOS being hot-beds of innovation for the genre.

Bạn đang xem: Top 15 game nhập vai hay nhất cho android

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The offer of escaping into another world & embarking on a grand adventure is a compelling one, now more than ever. Và no other genre fulfills that brief quite lượt thích a good RPG.

Thankfully, we can now all get our RPG fix on our phones. The advance in điện thoại processing power & screen technology means that it”s technically simple to render these vast worlds on our pocket devices.

Meanwhile, the huge success of the genre has seen Role-Playing Games” mechanics being adopted into other types of games. Hitpoints, levels, stats, character developments – all can be found in a casual time-waster near you. Just head lớn the Google Play Store, download the one you like from the list và prepare lớn sink a bunch of hours in there!

The following menu reflects that diversity, we hope. Can”t see your favouriteRPG games for apk in there? Let us know in the comments below.

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The World Ends With You was built for the touchscreen of the Nintendo DS, and it makes the switch to mobile effortlessly. It”s a strikingly fresh JRPG set in an alternative version of Tokyo”s Shibuya district, where fashion determines your combat skills & attacks are initiated through various swipes và taps.

The graphics và playstyle feel light, và that”s not easy to say for many RPG games out there who are overly cluttered & require some rocket scientists khổng lồ figure out. Don”t forget to lớn read The World Ends with You: Solo Remix review.