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The HD JS360 Series Smart TV’s attractive metallic-trimmed design is packed with useful features. Built-in Wi-Fi quickly connects to the internet for Netflix*, YouTube và other services. It’s compatible with popular voice assistants. You can even play trang chủ videos using the USB truyền thông Player. While HDR compatibility ensures a high contrast picture.

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The Full High Definition JS360 offers step-up picture performance from broadcast TV. If you’re upgrading from a standard definition TV, you’ll see an improvement in picture clarity. Nature programmes look more real & dramas will pop from the screen – all helped with high contrast HDR capability.
Why limit your viewing to lớn live TV broadcasts? Smart TVs connect easily lớn the internet, via their built-in Wi-Fi, offering a world of viewing choice. Catch-up TV, YouTube and popular video streaming services like Netflix*, Amazon Prime* are at your command.
JS360 Series models work with Ok Google or Alexa for hands-free control. Change channels, adjust the volume or turn the power on or off with just your voice. This is perfect for when you’re watching TV while cooking & other times when your hands are full.
Google and YouTube are trademarks of Google LLC.Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. Or its affiliates.

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Watching TV in the bedroom? No problem with the flexible viewing options of the JS360 Series: With DVB digital terrestrial, satellite & cable all built-in – HD Triple Tuner offers many routes to a great picture. It can also easily be connected via WLAN built-in & HDMI.
With the USB truyền thông media Player you decide what is played on the TV. Simply connect a USB drive to the socket and access personal nội dung stored on USB: games, music, videos or photos. This feature makes this TV an ideal companion for the kidsʼ room. Wall-mounting is also an option if you don‘t have too much space for a hefty truyền thông media unit.
Thanks khổng lồ High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, the JS360 Series TVs can deliver a higher contrast picture. Blacks are deeper và whites brighter for more dynamic images, while the colour palette is expanded when viewing from compatible sources like Netflix*.
Full HD Resolution

Smart TV và Essential Apps

Works with OK Google / Works with Alexa

WLAN built-in / HDMI / Triple Tuner

USB truyền thông Player

HDR Technologies

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The 43” JS360 Full HD Smart TV’s attractive metallic-trimmed thiết kế is packed with useful features. Built-in Wi-Fi quickly connects to lớn the mạng internet for your favourite streaming services. It’s compa...