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Speaking of Paris, people immediately think of the Eiffel Tower, so in da Nang Vietnam, Dragon Bridge is the symbol of this splendid city. The bridge has won an award for a special lighting project awarded by the US. The bridge represents the prosperity of Asia, as praised by CNN.

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Dragon Bridge domain authority Nang introduction

Dragon Bridge is a chất lượng symbol of the architecture of domain authority Nang and Vietnam. Because the bridge resembles a dragon, it is called long Bridge. It is one of 9 bridges spanning the Han River connecting two important routes, Vo Van Kiet and Nguyen Van Linh. At the same time is also the first bridge in Southeast Asia built in the single steel arch style. Dragon Bridge in Vietnam officially started construction in July 2009 with a total investment of more than 1,700 billion.

Dragon Bridge in Vietnam

Enrolled in the GUINNESS world record as “The Largest Steel Dragon”. In 2013 and 2014 won the World kiến thiết Awards in the category of works with the best lighting design. On July năm trước – Top trăng tròn bridges with the most beautiful in the world voted by CNN.

Dragon Bridge location

Dragon Bridge is a bridge connecting Da Nang International Airport & the Son Tra peninsula. This bridge is located on Nguyen Van Linh street, Phuoc Ninh Ward, nhì Chau District, domain authority Nang city.

Dragon Bridge domain authority Nang- Best Hue đô thị Tour Travel

Dragon Bridge domain authority Nang History

Dragon Bridge has the rồng shape with 666m long & 37.5m wide spanning the Han River. With a budget of nearly VND 1.5 billion (US $ 88m), the six-lane bridge was opened for the first time on March 29, 2013, on the 38th anniversary of the liberation of Danang city. The bridge is designed by Ammann và Whitney Consulting Engineers with Louis Berger Group. Construction is carried out by Traffic Construction Corporation 1.


The great significance of rồng Bridge domain authority Nang Viet Nam

The birth of Dragon Bridge Vietnam has a very important meaning in the economy, culture, và tourism to da Nang people. As well as bringing the image of the land here to more international friends. Become one of the hottest destinations of the year in the world over the years.

Dragon Bridge domain authority Nang

Firstly, the circulation bridge makes traveling between the two sides of the Han River faster and easier, avoiding traffic Jams.

Secondly, da Nang becomes a famous destination, attracting domestic & international tourists khổng lồ visit. Becoming a place where everyone wants lớn visit once khổng lồ admire the quality beauty of Dragon Bridge da Nang.

Thirdly, the Dragon Bridge Vietnam was built in the dragon style of the Ly Dynasty as if reaching out to lớn the big sea, an extremely meaningful idea expressing the growing aspiration of da Nang city & still has a symbol representing the new architectural art of domain authority Nang.

Impressive kiến thiết at dragon Bridge Danang

Possessing a bold và unique design in the world, the bridge is made entirely of steel và concrete but is capable of withstanding quite a large weight. Long Bridge is divided into 2 sides, each side 3 lanes. The outermost is red brick for pedestrians with a width of 2 meters wide. The design of the dragon Bridge is a perfect combination of tradition & modernity.

Dragon Bridge domain authority Nang Vietnam

The rồng tail is styled with a blooming lotus flower, a traditional flower associated with a peaceful village in Vietnam. The dragon’s body toàn thân stretches out to the sea, expressing the desire lớn integrate with da Nang’s friends from five continents. In terms of durability, the bridge is coated with 5 layers of anti-corrosion paint and protects the bridge from the effects of weather as well as creating an eye-catching yellow color.

Dragon Bridge domain authority Nang vs Love Bridge

The bridge is also equipped with a modern lighting system with more than 15,000 LEDs. A special feature attracts visitors khổng lồ Dragon Bridge in domain authority Nang because the dragon’s head is capable of spraying water và unique fire. Create attractive performances at night.

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Dragon Bridge da Nang breathing fire và water showtime

You can go khổng lồ Dragon Bridge in da Nang lớn admire the fire và water spray screen every Saturday, Sunday night as well as major holidays. Time takes place at 21:00 with 18 sprays of fire và 3 sprays of water after that.

Dragon Bridge domain authority Nang fire showtime

Ideal location khổng lồ admire

To enjoy the full beauty of the long Bridge breathing fire và water does not only need lớn be on time but also you need to choose the most favorable location. Here are some places that are said to be convenient for a great experience watching the magical beauty of the long Bridge spraying fire & water.

Dragon Bridge domain authority Nang breathing waterOn Tran Hung Dao Street

The area at the down of the Dragon Bridge on Tran Hung Dao Street, an ideal location with a close distance lớn see the whole scene above the show.

On Bach Dang Street

Stretching on Bach Dang Street is a walking street, so you cannot ignore this poetic place to lớn see Dragon Bridge. Here you can just walk to lớn enjoy the beauty of Han River at night và stop lớn watch the whole scenery of dragon Bridge spraying water from afar. Covering all the magical beauty when the dragon spits fire và water.

Standing on long Bridge

Standing right on Dragon Bridge da Nang to watch the rồng spewing fire is also chosen by many people. Since the two sides of the bridge will be blocked to block traffic, you can walk up. However, you should stand far from the head of the Dragon Bridge because when spraying water, it will easily get water.

From The Yacht

Watching the dragon bridge blasting fire & water on the Han river cruise will help you catch every moment the Dragon Bridge spits fire và water with the best view on the Han river. There are also special services to serve visitors such as enjoying the Apsara dancers on the Han river cruise. Visitors will also be photographed with dancers on the cruise.

Pick up location: Han River Marina, No. 26 Bach Dang Street, domain authority Nang

Ticket price for the Han River cruise:

+ Adults 150,000 VND / person.

+ Children under 1m in height free.

+ Children with height from 1m – 1.3m: 100,000 VND

+ Children over 1.3m in height: calculated by the adult’s fare.

From top View Bar

Located on Nguyen Van Linh street, top View Bar is located on the 19th floor of the Vanda khách sạn with direct views of the unique Dragon Bridge. So, on the weekends, this place is always crowded first lớn enjoy delicious dishes và sip a cocktail, then direct your eyes lớn Dragon Bridge to lớn catch the moment of spitting fire & water.

How to lớn get khổng lồ Dragon Bridge da Nang?

Well, there are many different ways to get to da Nang from Hue. You can drive a scooter with helmets, take a train or book our Hue to domain authority Nang Private Car. It is not only a transfer with an English speaking driver but also a sightseeing tour. If you stay in da Nang, you can book Da Nang thành phố Tour Full Day to visit all highlights including Dragon Bridge domain authority Nang.