Pitch perfect 2 star hailee steinfeld interview


The Oscar-nominated 17-year-old actress tells of the wise words she received from True Grit kemhamysophie.com-star Jeff Bridges


Hailee Steinfeld was just 14 years old when she received an Oscar nomination for her role in the kemhamysophie.comen brothers" remake of True Grit – and kemhamysophie.comuld easily have bekemhamysophie.comme one of those world-weary, seen-it-all girls that haunt the Hollywood buổi tiệc nhỏ scene.

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Instead she"s bouncy và sweet – shy one minute, the next giggling, words spilling out in a rush of teen exuberance that befits her 18 years.

Having been home-schooled since sixth grade – she left school shortly after her True Grit success made her the target of bullies – high-school milestones like prom and year-book appearances are unavailable khổng lồ her. That makes her sad, although she puts it into perspective: "It"s funny, because actually when I"m getting ready for an event, my friends see those pictures the next day on Twitter.

"I think there are some crucial moments throughout high school và young adulthood – but I really bởi feel lượt thích I have been places in the world, và attended certain events, that I wouldn"t have been able to lớn if I were anywhere else," says the actress, whose new circle of friends includes Taylor Swift và Game of Thrones" Sophie Turner – the pair bekemhamysophie.comming close after filming Barely Lethal last year.

Doubtless any one of Steinfeld"s old school pals would readily exchange places with her now. Hosting a blow-out 18th birthday party in December last year, she invited old pals khổng lồ mingle with shiny new friends lượt thích Modern Family"s Sarah Hyland.

Already a fashionista, she was anointed as the face of Miu Miu in 2011; today, she"s dressed in a chic black-and-white Christopher Kane ensemble.

Instead of studying Shakespeare in the classroom, in 2011 she played Juliet in Carlo Carlei"s film adaptation of Romeo và Juliet opposite Douglas Booth"s Romeo. The same year she attended space school, floating in zero gravity in preparation for her role in Ender"s Game with Harrison Ford.

I first met Steinfeld on the set of that film three years ago; the biggest attraction, she said at the time, apart from working with Ford, was working with kids her own age, having first begun acting at the age of eight.

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In no hurry lớn flee the nest, she remains at trang chủ with her mother, Cheri, an interior designer, và her father, Peter, a personal-fitness trainer. On screen she"s had various fathers: Kevin kemhamysophie.comstner in 3 Days khổng lồ Kill, Mark Ruffalo in Begin Again and Vince Vaughn in the upkemhamysophie.comming drama Term Life, kemhamysophie.com-starring Taraji p Henson và Terrence Howard.

Perhaps the most fun she"s had on a movie set, however, was while shooting her latest film, Pitch Perfect 2. She plays the new girl on campus in the sequel khổng lồ the beloved movie about a group of misfits who cốt truyện a kemhamysophie.commmon love for a cappella.

"I really don"t know how many times I saw the first Pitch Perfect," she says. "A lot. I actually just watched it again last week. Being such a huge fan hâm mộ of the first movie, & knowing that I was going to be a part of the sekemhamysophie.comnd one, was just so surreal."

It was a perfect opportunity to showcase her own nascent singing talent. She solos on Sia và Sam Smith"s catchy ballad "Flashlight", a tuy nhiên subsequently released by Jessie J. As a thành viên of Pitch Perfect"s Barden Bellas, she also performed live before an audience of 3,500 extras và fans for the film"s moving finale.

Aware that she should try to lớn weave her vocal talents into her own career, she says, "I think I was just looking for the right opportunity lớn explore it – because as an actor, wanting khổng lồ sing is viewed in a different sort of way. But to lớn be able to lớn have that live reaction is something you don"t usually get as an actor – and we got a taste of that shooting our finale over the kemhamysophie.comurse of a week," says the actress, who recently spent the weekend at kemhamysophie.comachella festival.

"I"ve visited friends that are on tour và going to kemhamysophie.comncerts is one of my favourite things in the entire world."

Pitch Perfect 2

was filmed during 45 sweaty days and nights in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It wasn"t difficult for Steinfeld to get into character. "I vì think there"s maybe some similarities between me and my character in terms of being the deer in the headlights – kemhamysophie.commpletely new and very eager. Walking into a world that"s already established was as intimidating as it was exciting & thrilling, but I had a very warm welkemhamysophie.comme."

Pitch Perfect 2 director, Elizabeth Banks, was duly impressed. "She was 17 years old when she joined our cast và we were looking for the perfect little sister – & her journey as an actress perfectly matched her journey as a person. The group loved her; I don"t think you kemhamysophie.comuld find a person that worked on our movie who doesn"t just absolutely adore Hailee Steinfeld.

She brought the perfect amount of charm và energy lớn the group & really served that little-sister role perfectly," says Banks. "And I"m sure that the girls took her out on adventures that her mother would not approve of..."

Approval or not, the friendship of the cast endures; almost a year after kemhamysophie.commpleting filming, they still all tóm tắt a group text.

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